The Power of Themes

Now, I’ve come across the idea of having a theme for a month or even a quarter.

For instance, if you wanted to improve your customer service you might make that a theme for a month. That’s a way of making “customer service” a pervading idea in everything you do in the month.

But, I had never thought of having a theme for each working day of the week, until today. What a simple but great idea!

One of the things I teach clients is to build a default diary where things that have to get done have their place in the week and no matter what those things get done. You put aside time for sales calls, the essential marketing activities and managing the business finances. Within that, you also put your “To Do” list.

A theme for the day can simply be your attitude. “I will find 5 things to be grateful for on this day”. It does not replace or conflict with your normal every day working day. What it does is give it a context and it accompanies everything you do on that day.

Just try it for a couple of weeks.

My very best wishes.

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