Mobile Companies Overcharging After Contracts End

You may have seen it reported by all the newspapers and TV channels recently that mobile phone companies are charging their customers for the cost of their mobile handset – even though it has been fully paid off.  For example:

in The Guardian

and the BBC

In the worst case customers could be overcharged by £46 a month with those over 65 most likely to be caught out.  Citizens Advice is urging “all providers” to reduce their customers’ bills at the end of the contract.

What Can You Do To Avoid Being Overcharged For Your Mobile?

I’m pleased to say that Utility Warehouse is way ahead of the competition.  They have always automatically reduced customer payments at the end of a mobile phone contract.

In addition, the Utility Warehouse bill clearly identifies which part of the payment is for the handset and which is for the call tariff.  This is from a sample bill:


0789123456789 – Value 250 Pay Monthly

Price plan for October                         £6.67
Handset charge for October               £7.50


At the end of the contract when the handset is paid off the bill is automatically reduced, in this case by £7.50, to just the Price plan; £6.67 in the example.

The ethical approach of Utility Warehouse to mobile charges does not end there.  Utility Warehouse guarantees that the price you pay will remain the same for the duration of the contract (except for changes to VAT).  You can check the small print for other providers and see for yourself that this is not always the case as you can see here:

Unfortunately  both these practices (overcharging and price rise within contract term) are, all too frequently,only found out when it’s too late.  But the good news is they can be easily avoided – just order your mobile phone from Utility Warehouse .


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