FIN Committee Roles

//FIN Committee Roles
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Group Chairman – Tim Maguire
Tim’s role is to chair the Farnham Independent Networking group, organise the members and to lead each meeting. He also deals with any member disputes or concerns.
Email:              Mobile:
07989 189922

Secretary Treasurer – Gerry Flashman
Gerry’s role is to look after the FIN money including the bank account, collecting weekly fees and to supply receipts.
Email:    Mobile: 07799 868651

Membership Co-Ordinator – Simon Latham
Simon’s role is to look after the membership figures, he keeps track of the number of referrals passed, the amount of money generated and also looks after any member issues.
Email:            Mobile: 07787 565785

Visitor Host – Martin Noyes
Martins’s role is to look after any of the visitors to our group, which he does brilliantly nmaking everyone feel very welcome.    Mobile: 07802 248862

Marketing Co-Ordinator – Terry Brown
Terry’s role is to keep all our marketing materials and website up to date.  He helps to organise and advise FIN members with any external or internal events.
Email:       Mobile: 07810  632955