23rd August – On This Day

Worth a mention is that in 1305 William Wallace was executed for rebellion on this day in Smithfield, London. Fun fact – Wallace is old English, meaning “Welshman”.

In August 1800 Sir Humphry Davy presented a series of lectures and demonstrations at the Royal Institution. The lectures were so popular that huge traffic jams would form from the unprecedented number of carriages bringing the audience. As a result on this day in 1800 Albermarle St. became the first one-way street in the world and has remained one-way ever since.

In the 1980s a young physicist from London was working at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (just called CERN for short). While there he developed a computer system, called ‘Enquire’, to help researchers share and reference each others work. He envisioned that with a little more development his system could be used internationally to share and reference all sorts of information. On this day in 1991 he granted free international access to his new system that he had  published. He called it the worldwideweb.  It is, of course, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

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